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Monday, February 26, 2007

Democracy in action

Isn't democracy wonderful?

Recently, there was a suggestion by the government of taxing motorists for based on the distance they drive, meaning that every car would be fitted with a tracking device, and we'd pay by the mile. Naturally, people kicked up a fuss and a petition was started on the government website for people to speak out against the new policy, and by the end there were about 1.7 million signatures on the petition. I mean sure, that doesn't mean that the government will actually listen, but at least it gives us the wonderful illusion of democracy.

But now a bigger and even more worthy cause has come to light, and I would urge as many people as possible to sign this new petition that has been started, giving us the opportunity to petition for the British national anthem to be changed to 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet.

How awesome would that be?! That would totally kick the ass of any other national anthem, and at least more people would actually know the words to be able to sing along.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

London Gets Classy

Another Saturday, another night on the town!

Saturday night we once again hit the fair city of London, dragging a few of the regulars out, despite loosing one who had to take his girlfriend to A&E, and another who was out celebrating Chinese New Year with his girlfriend. Thankfully, the numbers were made up again by a special guest appearance from Classy and brother-of-Classy!

Now planning is not really one of my strong points, and what seemed like a relatively simple plan of "Meet in Waxy's at 7pm", didn't go quite as planned, since I'd neglected the fact that Waxy's is one of the larger bars of London. Therefore, it was quite a bit of wandering around and staring at women in chance of recognition before we actually found each other at around 8.30. Not that wandering around and staring at women wasn't a productive way to spend an hour and a half.

I would like to be able to give a more detailed recap of the evening, but memory is a little blurred, which I'm convinced is due to someone slipping some kind of amnesia pill in one of my many double vodkas. But highlights that do come to mind are the impressive balancing act by brother-of-Classy with a pint, cigarette and ashtray, the awkward conversation with the guy in the mens room, whose job it was to help me with the challenging task of washing my hands*, and the many pints that Classy was impressively lining up, which makes me think the bar is being set pretty high for St Patricks Day.

So a great night out, despite the 2 hours it took me to get home, thank you London Transport, and at least I feel like I've had a sneak preview of things to come next month during my trip to the U.S. Let the (just over) four week countdown begin!

* Am I the only one who finds this deeply unsettling?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

late Lessons from the weekend

So I'm almost a week late with this post, but that's because it's taken the best part of a week to clean the house after the devastation of last Saturdays cocktail party. But, as always, I've learnt a few things from it:

  • Don't bother polishing your wood floors before such a party. It's the very definition of pointless.

  • Baileys & Khalua have a similar consistency to tar on worktops and the floor by the next morning.

  • When mixing Absinthe by lighting a small amount mixed with sugar on a spoon, don't get too close if you want to keep your eyebrows.

  • White furniture and red wine are not the best of friends.

  • Scorpion vodka is awsome.

  • Despite seeming physically impossible, my living room will sleep four people.

A great night in all, and the group hangover the next morning confirmed it, apart from one person who managed to wake up unnaturally perky after such a heavy night, and was assigned breakfast duty.

Looking forward to a slightly more quiet and sedate weekend now, as I attempt to remove sugar and absinthe from the coffee table.

Have a good weekend all!

Are you waking up to 6 inches?

I am, and it's an impressive sight!

Finally, after a rather half hearted attempt a few weeks back, some real snow has finally arrived, making even my unkempt back garden look picturesque.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, not sure which, I don't have to try and brave the roads in it, since I've been hit by yet another cold, but at least I can sit in the warm and enjoy the view!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Damn you Big Brother!

Just about time to slip in one additional post for a Friday!

As reported in this article on The Register, Channel 4 are now pulling their creatively named "Wank Week", quote "a series of three late-night programmes dedicated to bashing the bishop and petting the beaver". It seems that after all the trouble caused by Big Brother recently, they decided they didn't want any additional controversy.

Come on Channel 4! We're disappointed, if you don't lower the tone of British TV for us, who will?!

Friday Cop Out Post

Finally, another Friday rolls around, and since there's not been much happening this week, and because there's not been a music post in a while, I'll give you the most recent additions to the iPod that have been on endless repeat:

1. Rogue Wave - Eyes
After hearing this in Heroes, I spent ages trying to track it down. Finally managed to download it this week and have been playing it ever since.

2. Mika - Grace Kelly
There's two groups of people on this one; those who hate it, and those who hate themselves for liking it. Annoyingly catchy.

3. Alanis Morissette - Crazy
Excellent cover of the original song by Seal, and may be enough to tempt me to the whole Devil Wears Prada soundtrack.

4. The View - Same Jeans
Didn't like The View when I first heard them, but they've just caught on me now. Perfect song to get you into the weekend.

5. Placebo - Every You Every Me
An old classic; I like this mainly because I associate it with one of my all time favorite films, Cruel Intentions.

Hopefully an eventful weekend ahead, with a party round mine on Saturday night to try and clear out some of the leftover drinks from Christmas, which my friends have kindly offered to help me with. Since it seems there's going to be a vodka theme to the night, I decided it was time for another order from

Have a good weekend all!