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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad Luck Magnet

After the fiasco of British Airways and the iPods, which incidentally is still ongoing, I've now given up on BA, and on Katie's advice, am now pursuing the TSA. But if that wasn't enough bad luck, I've now had further bad luck...

As some may know, I recently became the proud owner of an Alfa Romeo 147, taken over from a friend who was leaving the country, and despite the extra running costs, has been a pleasure to drive.

Here in the UK, we've been getting a lot of frost at night, and is joined on occasion by frost's best drinking buddy; black ice, which I had the pleasure of meeting last night. On route back from a friends house just before midnight I was happily driving some of the scenic back routes until I started to go round one particular corner and noticed the back of my car attempting to overtake the front. Sensing something was not quite right, I started what seemed like a pretty elegant bit of figure skating across the road until a tree was kind enough to come to my aid and help me come to a complete stop.

Thankfully, no damage to me, and most of the damage to the car seems to have been taken by the bumper, but my little Alfa is not looking as pretty as she once did:

Clearly it's the time of year for such activities, as the garage won't be able to get my car in until the end of the week or Christmas Eve, and work won't be finished until the new year because of holidays, but fingers crossed I'll be getting a courtesy car, so I won't be stranded over Christmas. I'm also glad that it's the first time I've bothered with no claims protection, which makes me not feel so bad about handing a £1,500 bill to my insurance company.

So, here's hoping that this run of bad luck ends with 2007!


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