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Thursday, February 08, 2007

late Lessons from the weekend

So I'm almost a week late with this post, but that's because it's taken the best part of a week to clean the house after the devastation of last Saturdays cocktail party. But, as always, I've learnt a few things from it:

  • Don't bother polishing your wood floors before such a party. It's the very definition of pointless.

  • Baileys & Khalua have a similar consistency to tar on worktops and the floor by the next morning.

  • When mixing Absinthe by lighting a small amount mixed with sugar on a spoon, don't get too close if you want to keep your eyebrows.

  • White furniture and red wine are not the best of friends.

  • Scorpion vodka is awsome.

  • Despite seeming physically impossible, my living room will sleep four people.

A great night in all, and the group hangover the next morning confirmed it, apart from one person who managed to wake up unnaturally perky after such a heavy night, and was assigned breakfast duty.

Looking forward to a slightly more quiet and sedate weekend now, as I attempt to remove sugar and absinthe from the coffee table.

Have a good weekend all!


  • Stock up on the Scorpion Vodka & on The Scorpions discography, Classy's crossing the pond! Woot woot!

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 12:21 am  

  • I can;t believe that any of this - except maybe for points #2 and #5 - comes as a surprise to you. really, I am disappointed in you!

    By Blogger The [Cherry] Ride, at 4:53 pm  

  • I've learned from personal experience that it's not really a party unless something catches on fire.

    By Blogger I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw, at 5:49 pm  

  • Classy; still plenty of the scorpion vodka left!

    Cherry; yes, I should know better. But the same could be said for drinking, and I've not learnt that lesson yet. (nor do I intend to)

    Not Carrie; fire does make for a more exciting party indeed!

    By Blogger Matt, at 9:48 pm  

  • Thankfully your couch is green and not white... red wine would not do a white couch well. Then again, red wine tends to ruin most things.

    By Blogger 5 of 9er, at 8:36 pm  

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