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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chicago - Round 2

Because just one visit isn't enough, and because I love acting on impulsive ideas, this weekend was spent returning to Chicago to catch up with friends, visit new bars and gain a few more pounds.

Now the fact that I only had 2.5 days holiday left to use meant that I had to take a half day, and I saw no problem with working in the morning, jumping on a plane at lunch (since I work across the road from Heathrow), and arrive in Chicago by the evening. Perhaps this would be a good plan if you don't go straight out to a bar the minute you arrive, skip dinner, and drink until 2am. Still, considering I was on the go for 26 hours, I think I fared pretty well!

It was great to yet again see Aussie, Jenny, Cherry, 9er, LP, Classy, Dr Ken & K.I.D. (did I miss anyone?), although I think next time I'll have to spend more than a weekend there to make sure I see everyone properly.

I think the next visit will also have to be in the summer, as I've only every seen Chicago through the mist of my own breath while wrapped in several layers, although I must admit, I was hoping to see a bit of snow while I was there!

One downside of the trip was U.S. security on the return flight, who insisted I leave my suitcase unlocked for the security inspection. I thought fine, it's with security, it should be secure. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I got home to find my suitcase had been relieved of two of the iPods I was bringing back for friends! Thankfully, BA are looking into the matter and will be refunding the cost, but it's still an inconvenience.

Still, that won't be enough to stop me coming over again, and since I yet again didn't get to try a proper hot dog or burrito, I have the perfect excuse to return.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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