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Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Finally

For those of you who may remember as far back as three months ago, I finally treated myself to a tattoo that I've been after for some time. You may also remember me promising to post a picture as soon as it's all healed.

Well, glad to say it healed pretty quickly in the end, and the last two months have just been spent trying to figure out how to get a decent picture with the self timer. So, at last, I can show you the new tattoo in all it's finished glory!

* Fear not, there will be no more exposed flesh on this blog for a while. Hope no-one was eating.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Nearly half an inch of snow! Expect news stories of the UK grinding to a halt later today.


As predicted:


Monday, January 22, 2007

The triumphant return of my social life

Ok, so it's been a while since a post. Even longer since a decent one. But finally the big project at work is over, which means a return to sensible hours and time to blog once again. In honor of this new found freedom, we decided to head into London and celebrate with the coming together of alcohol and a comedy club.

Not wanting to waste precious time, we got into London for 3pm and headed straight to O'Neills, and found the first flaw in our plan. Naturally, being country folk as we are, we assumed that telling everyone to meet in O'Neills would be sufficient directions, not figuring on there being 3 O'Neills in the same district. Still, after a few calls we managed to get everyone together and get the drinks flowing pretty nicely.

As I have been suffering after previous nights out, I decided on a plan of attack for the night; pick a drink and stick with it for the night. As such, I decided to go with Vodka as my weapon of choice, and it was one that definitely paid off; although I lost count after about the 7th or 8th double, I know a pretty reasonable quantity was consumed, and no hangover the next morning! If you've got the stomach for neat vodka, I'd highly recommend it.

Also, since we could tell early on it was going to be a heavy night, I decided to take the sensible precaution of appointing two people to assist me throughout the evening, one in charge of my body, the other in charge of memory. I've found this is a system that works well, as all I have to worry about then is how much is in my wallet, where my drinks is, and how to use the toilet. Strictly speaking, toilet activity should come under the duty of the one in charge of my body, but they were having none of it.

As drinking on an empty stomach is never a good plan, we decided to head to Wagamamas for some food before continuing, strategically ignoring the fact that we'd had a KFC just a couple of hours earlier. If you've never been to Wagamamas, you must go. Now, if you have to. It really is great food, and usually comes in portions that will definitely not leave you wanting any more. It was also here that I was introduced to Sake, which somehow is something I've never tried before, but has instantly made my list of favourite drinks.

After the meal, it was onto The Comedy Store, just in time for happy hour of course, to see a lineup of 6 acts, pretty much all of which were very good. In particular I enjoyed the Aussie comedian who came up with the great line on immigrants in Britain:

"You lot charged round the world with your Empire, make them all speak English, then wonder why they followed you back!"

Ok, I'm terrible at repeating jokes, perhaps you'd have to be there, drunk, and British to appreciate the humor.

After the comedy club, things started to become a little hazy, and a few of us got separated. We vaguely remembered someone suggesting going to Waxy's, and decided to head there. After convincing the bouncer to let us in, and searching the whole place, we found we were actually in Waxy's Little Sister (resiting so much innuendo). Thankfully, we managed to get to the right bar after receiving a delightful text from one of my friends:

"Where are you you fuck?"

Let it not be said my friends are not without class and charm.

Details now get even more hazy, I'm still waiting for my friend in charge of memory to fill me in on the details, but at this point I'm not sure how her memory was doing either. So from this point, it's just a summary of highlights: Tequilla shots, photo shoot with the cameras, another round of Tequilla, conversation involving Amsterdam, clubs and pineapples, more vodka.

By now we were down to the last few people who were determined not to give up, and so headed onto a nightclub. I have no idea which, but somewhere near Leicester Square. Hopefully my memory buddy can fill me in on that one. I remember us all walking in as a group, heading to the bar, and instantly loosing each other. A few of us managed to regroup later, and I have memory of dancing, or at least something that could vaguely be called dancing, or possibly some kind of animal mating ritual. It's all the same really.

Afterwards, as we waited for the night bus back to Ealing, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat, and you really can't go wrong with a foot long meatball sub with cheese. Of course, I began to regret this decision when we got on the bus, since the girl in front of us looked in considerably worse shape, and was barely hanging to to whatever she'd been drinking that night. Although I was out of her range, I know my friend would offer a sympathetic barf if she was to blow, and was sat for half the journey in fear of being pebble dashed with meatballs.

Thankfully, we made it home intact, with the food continuing in the right direction, and although Sunday didn't start until around midday for us, there was no hangover the next morning. Score one for the Vodka!

So, I'm glad to be once again out and about, and actually having something to write about. Hopefully we can find some ways to fill the coming weekends as well, and stay tuned for the next post, hopefully in a few days, where I'll be giving some more detail on my attempt at the first of my resolutions for the new year!

Friday, January 12, 2007

No matter how bad the week has been... only takes someone forwarding on a few cute cat pictures to cheer me up!

Have a good weekend all!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not a good start to 2007

Ok, really don't want to start the year with a rant, but so far:

Way too much on at work, meaning 10 hour days from hell, with everyone rushing around and shouting, and not in a good way. Management have cheerfully predicted it will probably get worse over the next couple of weeks.

Lost half my garden fence. With winds that further convince me of Cherry's predictions of the apocalypse, I've had half the fencing torn away, leaving me to strap down the rest with whatever rope, string or heavy objects I can find. Hopes for a relaxing weekend have now been turned into backbreaking labour as I attempt some half arsed repairs.

Yet another in a long line of winter colds is taking hold, not that I stood much chance, being surrounded by people in the office who are all coughing and sneezing. If this keeps up I'm going to erect a contamination tent around my desk and taser anyone with a cold who comes within 10ft.

But, it's not all bad news; plans are now underway for the first long weekend out of the country, as a group of us are planning to visit Budapest for cheap drinks, sightseeing and pancakes. Thought we may as well make use of the last shreds of Hungarian I can still remember before it's all gone.

Check back soon for a happier and more cheerful loaf, shortly after I've found the scotch.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Farewell 2006 - Hello 2007

Ok, so it's a few days into 2007 already, but I'm still catching up, and will be writing 2006 on everything for at least the next month while I adjust. But now it's time to take a quick look back over 2006, and then a peek ahead for what 2007 might have in store.


2006 was really a year of changes:

  • Started working at the new offices near Slough, which in some ways has been a good thing, in other ways not so great. Overall, it kind of balances out on that one.
  • Separated from the wife. This was a down point of the year, but it was for the best, and we're better friends than ever now.
  • Started blogging. After a few half hearted attempts, I finally launched myself into the world of blogging, and now would never look back. Defiantly a high point of the year.

There were also several memorable events of 2006:

  • The long weekend on the Isle of Wight. Got to know several people I didn't know before, drank an excessive amount of wine, and found ways to take conversation to new lows.
  • Florence, Italy. This was my one escape from the UK, and even though it was only 4 days, it was great. Can't wait to get back there again one day.
  • Weekends in St Albans park in the summer. There were several of these, and there's just nothing better than laying out in the sun, in a huge park, with bottles of wine and just relaxing.


So what's in store for 2007? Well, I'm not going to make resolutions*, because that's just never going to happen, but I do have a few things I'd like to do this year:

  • Learn skiing or snowboarding. Not decided which I'd like best yet, so I might give both a try and see how I get on. Expect stories of bruises and breakages.
  • Sort out the house. Boring I know, but I've been in this house two years with promises of re-doing the kitchen and bathroom, as well as doing something with the garden. Will try and tick off at least one this year!
  • New Year 2007/08. Ok, you may think this is a little premature, but for the past few years we've always left our New Year plans to the last minute, and not really done all that much, so this year I'm being proactive. I've got a year to plan it, and already have some ideas in the pipeline. It's going to be big!

And then there's the definite events of 2007:

  • Chicago. Finally making my first trip to the US, meeting a whole load of awesome Chicago bloggers, and will be boozing it up for St Patricks Day!
  • Surprise European Destination. I've decided I want to get out of the UK at least once more this year besides the US, and will probably go for a long weekend somewhere in Europe. Destination is still to be decided, but will probably involve randomly spinning Google Earth and see where it stops.
  • The first summer BBQ. This is of course a definite, and again, this year I want to take it up a notch and do something bigger and better than ever before!

So, for now I just need motivate myself to get working again, and try to entertain myself through a typically quiet January as everyone trys to repair the damage to their bank accounts from Christmas. I have a feeling 2007 is going to be a good year.

Wishing you all a great 2007!

*Ok, I lied, I've made one resolution; to do more well written and throught out posts to the blog, instead of quick little throw away ones to fill a gap. Like this one.