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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not a good start to 2007

Ok, really don't want to start the year with a rant, but so far:

Way too much on at work, meaning 10 hour days from hell, with everyone rushing around and shouting, and not in a good way. Management have cheerfully predicted it will probably get worse over the next couple of weeks.

Lost half my garden fence. With winds that further convince me of Cherry's predictions of the apocalypse, I've had half the fencing torn away, leaving me to strap down the rest with whatever rope, string or heavy objects I can find. Hopes for a relaxing weekend have now been turned into backbreaking labour as I attempt some half arsed repairs.

Yet another in a long line of winter colds is taking hold, not that I stood much chance, being surrounded by people in the office who are all coughing and sneezing. If this keeps up I'm going to erect a contamination tent around my desk and taser anyone with a cold who comes within 10ft.

But, it's not all bad news; plans are now underway for the first long weekend out of the country, as a group of us are planning to visit Budapest for cheap drinks, sightseeing and pancakes. Thought we may as well make use of the last shreds of Hungarian I can still remember before it's all gone.

Check back soon for a happier and more cheerful loaf, shortly after I've found the scotch.



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