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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big Weekend

You know it's been a good weekend when it's Sunday evening, and you're just sobering up. Let's recap...

Last weekend, the plans for Saturday night fell apart, leaving me to entertain myself with a bottle of wine, which then resulted in me drunkenly calling people (sorry Cherry & Classy), e-mailing people (sorry Dr Ken), and texting (sorry ex-wife). As a result, I decided this weekend had to be different.

So Friday night, it was straight down to the pub with some of the guys from work. For those following the story, this was also the same night out the receptionist from work was meant to be joining us, but the no-show on her part leads me to believe she was just humoring me, but anyway. Since we work in the middle of nowhere, it's not that easy to go out for a drink without having to drive there, and since nobody else seemed to have the same dedication to a big night out I was planning, by booking a hotel, I was the only one drinking. Not that this stopped me in any way.

It was a good night, with the usual downward spiral of conversation, and the highlight of the evening had to be when a guy came over to our table and told my friend that one of the girls in his group had been trying to catch his eye all night, and would we like to come over; I've not heard the "my mate fancies you" in so long! It's a classic. So we headed over, we chatted, although not much really came of it, possibly due to the alcohol interfering with our capacity for intelligent and witty conversation by this point.

I decided to stick to my usual plan of vodka for the night, but uncharacteristically woke up the next morning with a hangover the size of which I've not experienced in a while. Personally, I'm putting this down to one of the vodkas being made into a vodka & tonic. Evil stuff that tonic, stay well clear of it.

Thankfully I was reasonably recovered by mid-afternoon and ready to head into London for another night out that some of the guys had organised. Because London Transport likes to mess with my life, there was yet again a bus replacement service which turns a one hour journey into about two and a half hours. Plus there was the crazy lady.

When she got on the bus, I thought she was just talking on a mobile headset as she came and sat a couple of seats away from me. As we carried on, I began listening to what she was saying, which seemed to make no sense. Then I realised there was no phone. Highlights of her one sided conversation were:

"Yes, I'd love a champagne and Guinness"
"I should eat. I need salt"
"The sheep love me"

For 45 minutes I had to stare straight ahead, as the slightest eye contact would have been an open invitation to her world.

Still, I made it into London eventually, and met up with the others who had already started at around mid-day, so I had some catching up to do. A few vodkas and I was well on the way, a theme which carried on into the night, although sadly cut short for me since I had to catch the last train home.

A good weekend in all, and not feeling too worse for wear at the other end of it, which is fortunate since it looks like next week is going to be much the same with a friends birthday celebrations. Now if we could just have some decent weather so that we can try and believe we're in summer...


  • So you are recovered...but how's your liver doing??? To get rid of should drink a large glass of egg yolk, green chili sauce and cranberry every time!

    By Blogger Jenny!, at 4:30 pm  

  • I MUST come to London so I can participate in a weekend like this. We'll need twice the vodka but I'm sure we'll manage.

    By Blogger I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw, at 5:08 pm  

  • Yeah, I'm still waiting to see how much that call cost! ;)

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 10:12 pm  

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