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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And the gross continues...

Ok, so I've disposed of the doormat, because although the winning vote seems to be that it's cool, it's still cool in a gross way, and at the end of the day, I'm a little fussy about having a clean house.

But still, it seems things just keep coming to gross me out this week; for starters, the guy round the office who has certain issues with a proper washing regime. Now I'd kind of got used to it, as best you can, but it now seems that he's decided to try and address the problem. Unfortunately, as best my sense of smell can determine, he's decided to cover the problem with what smells like cheap talcum powder. The result is the most sickly aroma that has literally turned my stomach.

If this wasn't enough, I get stuck behind a Land Rover for a couple of miles on the way home with a Dalmatian in the back. Not an issue you'd think, except this Dalmatian insisted on raising it's tail and pressing it's backside against the window, giving me a delightful view of a squashed raisin for several miles.

Anyway, hopefully the week will be picking up; a friend is making the first proper attempt at a BBQ this weekend, so if the British weather can just hold off for one day, we should be in for a good one!

Ok, I promise to find a way to make the next post less gross...


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