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Monday, October 01, 2007

Temporary Promotion

Just a couple of days to go until my trip to Spain for four days of soaking up sun and wine by the pool!

We're going to be in a little place called Arboleas, which is not far from Almeria. So far, it's looking like it will be somewhere between 20 and 28 degrees while we're over there, and compared to the UK at the moment, that's just perfect!

Since we'll be in the middle of nowhere, internet is limited, and I've realised that texting is about all I can do to communicate with the outside world. As such, I've decided to temporarily promote my Twitter sidebar to be part of this post, and if technology doesn't defeat me, you should get updates from abroad shown below.

See you all in a week!

* Since this is now over, I'll just paste in the Twitter posts from the holiday *

  • Back home at last. Holiday was fantastic, but nothing like crawling back into your own bed. 10:08 PM October 08, 2007 from web
  • On our way home now, great holiday and have a tan to show for it! 08:24 AM October 08, 2007 from txt
  • Never a holiday without some strange injury; watching my foot turn septic from a cut. Lovely 06:38 PM October 07, 2007 from txt
  • Pink is slowly giving way to a pleasing brown. 07:08 PM October 06, 2007 from txt
  • much wine... 07:07 PM October 06, 2007 from txt
  • In the car driving to the Indian restaurant, singing along to The Housemartins on the radio. This is the full Spanish experience. 07:03 PM October 05, 2007 from txt
  • Warm summer evening with chilled wine, this is what we should have been enjoying 3 months ago in the UK! 05:47 PM October 05, 2007 from txt
  • Going that special shade of red that only an Englishman on holiday can achieve. 03:14 PM October 05, 2007 from txt
  • Waking up to blue skies and no hangover, today is a good day. 08:28 AM October 05, 2007 from txt
  • Wine. So much wine. This is going to hurt tomorrow. 10:59 PM October 04, 2007 from txt
  • Arrived. Sitting by the pool, sipping a cool adds and soaking up the sun. Life is good! 01:14 PM October 04, 2007 from txt
  • Made it! Bumpy flight, but at least it landed. Now trusting Eds driving to get us the rest of the way. 09:07 AM October 04, 2007 from txt
  • About to board, messages from the other side if the mobile works out there! 05:34 AM October 04, 2007 from txt
  • At the airport at the ungodly hour of 4am. I don't mind early starts, but this is too much! 03:45 AM October 04, 2007 from txt


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