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Friday, August 10, 2007


This week is a sad week for London. This week Miss Recken will be leaving merry old England and heading off back to the delights of Seattle.

Although I'm sure it's by no means the last we'll see of her over here, it's a shame to see her leaving, especially since there's so much she needs to teach me about my countries capital city!

Of course, not one to sneak out without an excuse for a party, there was the obligatory leaving party in London last night, and there certainly was quite a turn out! Normally I'd avoid heading into the city on a weeknight, and the way I'm struggling to get going this morning reminds me why, but this was a special occasion and totally worth it.

Bye Katie, hope we'll be seeing you again sometime!

(I'm sure she'll have some better pictures than this. It's as good as it gets with my camera phone!)


  • Bye Katie!

    By Blogger Jenny!, at 6:14 pm  

  • What's the point in moving to Seattle, geez, you have the exact same weather in either place and at least in the UK you don't have to deal with as much Bushit!

    By Blogger Kadonkadonk, at 8:17 pm  

  • Loaf, when I get a better job, I plan on going to Ireland to visit friends, so I'll be sure to swing out to jolly-old-England to get my Loaf on.

    By Blogger Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, at 9:37 pm  

  • I recognize that alleyway very well and fondly.

    Sad day for England indeed.

    PS - The sans glasses look is a good one for you, Mr. Loaf.

    By Blogger The [Cherry] Ride, at 12:23 am  

  • That is a TERRIBLE PHOTO of me. My eyes are closed!

    Kadonka - the time has come to head back home. That's all I can say...

    By Blogger ReckenRoll, at 10:51 pm  

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