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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting on schedule

As anyone who drops by here regularly may have noticed, it's been pretty quiet recently, and there's no better excuse for this apart from me being lazy. I admit it, I'm comfortable with it.

But, in an effort to stop the big gaps and random bursts of posts, I've decided to start having a fixed schedule for posting, and will now post something, anything, on Wednesdays and Sundays each week. If there's any exciting breaking news between, then I'll post it up, but hopefully by having dedicated blogging days, I might start getting this place up to speed again.

Also, I wouldn't want people to think I'm neglecting reading their blogs either; I do still go round and catch up with everyone, but have been lazy on commenting, so I'll be kicking my own ass on that as well!

Good news is, things are starting to happen again (don't know why my social life seems to pick up so much in the winter!), so should have some more posts coming out soon!

And yes, the foot post is coming next!


  • Thank you for posting! :) Glad to hear everything is okay in your neck of the woods.

    By Blogger Sara, at 1:05 pm  

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