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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Left Foot

As promised, I now bring you the saga of my left foot that arose from my trip to Spain a few weeks back. For your own benefit; don't read this one before lunch or dinner!

For me, it's never a holiday without bringing back some strange injury or illness as a souvenirs, and Spain was no exception. It was on the second morning of the holiday when I noticed a strange mark on my foot; not quite a cut or a scratch, but more just a patch of sticky skin, as if it had been grazed. Naturally, being a man, I chose to ignore this and carry on, assuming it would just go away of its own accord.

Two days later, when the foot had swollen so that only the loosest of trainers could be worn, and it had turned a shade of red so bright it could have doubled as a night light, I decided it was not going to to away on its own. Thankfully, my friends parents who we were staying with came to my aid by offering antihistamines and Germolene, although given that the latter had an expiry date of April 1999, I was somewhat sceptical of its effectiveness.

The flight home was interesting, given that by this time my foot was now quite swollen, and judging by the ripple, full of some kind of liquid. Altitude and an already swollen foot are not a good mix, but thankfully a few painkillers got me through the flight!

Once back in the UK I decided to head to the doctor for a more professional opinion than my own, and with the help of the doctor, and the trainee doctor assisting him, who looked horrified at it and has probably been forced to reconsider her career choice, we came to the conclusion that some kind of bug or parasite had managed to burrow into the foot and set up residence in there. For my part, I'm happy not knowing what managed to get in there.

After two weeks of antibiotics and the reassurance from the doctor of "let's try these tablets and see what happens", it looks like things are finally settling down, and I've finally got a foot that will fit in regular shoes and doesn't look like it's about to hatch.

The one lesson we can all learn from my experience is this: When in Spain, don't let the bed bugs bite. Seriously!


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