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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Adventures in Food

Every once in a while in the office we feel need to try something different for our mid-morning snacks, and it really doesn't get more different than an order from Edible.

Specialising in the more 'Uncommon' foods, we decided to make an order for:

BBQ & Chilli Worms
Thai Green Crickets
Giant Leafcutter Ants
Chocolate Covered Scorpions

It's fair to say we'll try pretty much anything, and it's a bonus if what we're eating not only tastes good, but can gross out other people in the process. The chocolate scorpions were very nice, and actually tasted something like a chocolate coated wafer, with a nice crunchy centre.

Next up was the crickets and worms, which were my personal favourite, with the worms tasting rather similar to popcorn, and although I can't compare the crickets to anything in particular, they were also very tasty.

Finally, we had a go with the giant leafcutter ants, which were quite a bit bigger than we'd expected, being close to the size of my little finger. The taste was definitely like bacon, but just a bit more salty, so very nice, but actually a little too rich to eat too many.

For all of these tasty snacks, I'd say the only downside was the shells and body parts, which we were picking out of our teeth for the next few hours, but still, if you get the chance, give them a try!

Later that evening it was a trip to London for the leaving party for our friend who is travelling across South America, and continuing the theme of different foods, settled on a Souk Medina, which was a Moroccan restaurant.

I have to say the food was great, with enough veggie dishes to keep the vegetarians happy, and a good choice of meat for us meat eaters, and it was all served in various little dishes for everyone to just pick a bit of whatever they wanted to try. But for my money, it was the atmosphere of the place that really made it worth the visit.

Firstly, the place seemed to be a very authentic Moroccan style (not that I've ever been to Morocco to compare), complete with low tables and tiny cushioned seats for us to sit on, low lighting and traditional Moroccan music. And then there were the waitresses. I swear it must be their hiring policy to accept only the most attractive and buxom young ladies to work in their restaurant, and we thank them for that. Our waitress in particular, with a top that was just big enough not to be called a bikini, seemed to enjoy leaning across the table when speaking to us or serving. Deliberate I'm sure, in an attempt to induce a bigger tip. It worked.

And then came the belly dancer. I really think every meal should be accompanied one, and once again congratulate the management for knowing just how to ply a generous tip from the male diners. I realise at this point, it may sound like we'd ended up in some sleazy strip joint, but this really was a top quality restaurant, and well worth a visit if you happen to be around Covent Gardens.

So for now, we'll go back to consulting our big book of wild animals and insects to decide what's next on the menu, but for Christmas at least, I think we'll be sticking with the roast turkey for the family dinner.


  • Ooh! Morroco! My only experience of Morroco was at Walt Disney World's International Area. Nothing like going on the tram through Epcot Center after seeing Captain Eeo and then seeing belly dancers. It was quite nice!

    I really do think you were at a brothel.

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 5:58 am  

  • Sorry people! It's Morocco!

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 5:59 am  

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