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Sunday, December 03, 2006

2 Day Shopping Ordeal

After two hectic days of shopping, the search for Christmas gifts is now over, and I can finally relax, with just the cards to write and the wrapping to be mastered.

Day 1
The original plan was to head into London for the Christmas shopping, but in the end, I was convinced that this might not be the best plan, given the stress that crowds cause me, and also because I decided to meet up with a friend and tackle the shopping in Milton Keynes instead. Milton Keynes does have a pretty good selection of shops, free parking if you're quick enough, and no underground to worry about.

Now, although I thought it would be easier and less crowded than London, it was still not a stress free day out. Why on earth to people think it's a good idea to take their children Christmas shopping? Leave them with a relative, with the TV, or even just a box of matches, anything! If a whole morning of shopping is enough to drive me to madness, how do they think the kids will cope!

I also learnt another important lesson; a long shopping trip is not the time or place to break in new shoes. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided that this would be a good opportunity to break in a new pair before the Christmas party next week, but I'm now crippled.

So, was the trip a success? Well, I bought a jacket and some socks to complete the outfit for the parties of next week, and treated myself and my friend to lunch. And the presents? Not a single one. This really is male shopping at it's best. I just couldn't find anything that seemed right for anyone, and so came home empty handed (apart from the things I'd bought for myself).

Not wanting to give up so easily, I vowed to come back the next day and try again. This time with a plan.

Day 2
Today I was more prepared and had learnt from the lessons of yesterday. The designer shoes were traded for my battered old Doc Martins, trousers traded for jeans and a smart coat for my favourite old jacket. I was now ready for round two.

Any hope that Sunday shopping would be more quiet and civilised that Saturday was soon dispelled, and if anything, it seemed more packed than yesterday. As it was the last day of the 10% sale in one of the major department stores, people were becoming more desperate to grab whatever they could, and there were still plenty of kids running around my ankles. I was just one more 'bag to the crotch' away from beating someone to death with rolls of wrapping paper.

But, it was a success. Six presents were bought, and with the earlier orders from the internet on their way, I had managed to find something for everyone, as well as new shirt for me, because I decided I deserved it for my efforts.

All that's left now is the task of wrapping, and fortunately, nearly all of the presents are in boxes, so it should be just about within my ability. This has to be the first times in years I've actually done all the shopping this far in advance, instead of leaving it until the 23rd. This means that come Christmas, I'll be sitting back with a mulled wine and a stack of mince pies, with nothing more to worry about than if I have enough whisky, beer and cold cuts to see me though to the New Year.


  • "This really is male shopping at it's best. I just couldn't find anything that seemed right for anyone, and so came home empty handed (apart from the things I'd bought for myself)."

    So you didn't buy anything that you needed to, but instead bought clothes for yourself? That seems more like female shopping to me! :oP

    By Anonymous Leano, at 1:24 pm  

  • Completely agree that it's more intelligent to leave kids home wiht a box of matches than to bring them shopping. I 100 percent blame my mother dragging me shopping in boring stores in over-crowded malls for my hatred of the task.

    By Blogger Jader, at 3:57 pm  

  • Congrats on a job well done! Boy, am I jealous. I've only managed to send my folks a list of what I wanted and now I am spent. That list was only two things! I am lazy and I like watching the Real World/Road Rules Duel way too much. Could you do my shopping for me?

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 9:12 pm  

  • Whiskey, beer, and cold cuts? None of those items would last long at my place.

    By Blogger NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, at 3:54 am  

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