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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Passing Time

Wednesday. It's a slow day, and I need some excitement.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much happening at the moment, pretty quiet round here, and actually pretty quiet round a few of the blogs I frequent, perhaps everyone else is in the same lethargic mood, or perhaps just having too much fun to stop and blog. I'm hoping it's the former, otherwise why is everyone else having more fun than me this week?

Hopefully that's all set to change tonight, as I've been talked into going along to the re-opening of M1NT in Mayfair. I'm not sure what to expect; it's a club which you become a member of by buying shares in the club, and as such, it's members are apparently millionaires and celebrities, so I don't think jeans and trainers will cut it. How did I get to go such a place you may well ask? I'm no celebrity and far from being a millionaire, but I do have a friend, who's has a friend who obviously knows the right people. Now I just have to see if I can pass myself off as someone rich and famous.

Hopefully more to report by tomorrow morning, providing; 1) I drink sensibly. 2) I don't get lost on the underground (again). But I'm not holding out too much hope on either point.

And one final thing; I've made another re-organization of the blog links, following the Cherry Ride Management System. I know about 2 weeks ago I said I'd be spending 24 hours re-designing the site, and that 2 weeks later the only change is a flashy new $1 header, but the thing is... ah, I can't think of a good excuse, I'm just lazy. I'll do it tomorrow.


  • Wow, should I have the "Management System" trademarked? Thanks for the shout-out.

    I hear you about blogs this week. I was sick yesterday and it has thrown me off my blogging schedule. I can't seem to be bothered this week.

    I look forward to see the redesign though!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:49 pm  

  • I'm right there with you on the lethargy and laziness. It's such a tortoisely-slow Wednesday that I barely have the energy even to type this.

    Good luck on tomorrow's inevitable hangover!

    By Blogger Jader, at 7:07 pm  

  • From the looks of it it seems like M1NT provided you with one hell of a par-tay! And, Mr. Loaf, you are a celebrity in Ms. Classy's eyes! Details, please!

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 5:56 am  

  • Cherry, If you trademark will I have to pay royalties?

    Jader, Red Bull, and lots of it!

    Classy, you sweet talker ;) At least I'm celebrity to someone!

    By Blogger Matt, at 8:25 pm  

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