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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Still here, just about...

Despite the last post about ambitious plans to open up the PC and operate, I'm still no further forward than just thinking about it. Monday evening I was called to a friends house to help move a fridge, and then spent the last two days working late, which is also the reason for the lack of posts. Not that you've missed much.

It's another week where the weekend can't come fast enough, due to another hellish week of work, made worse by the fact that the guy a couple of desks over has a cold, and instead of just blowing his nose, will just sit there and snort every few minutes. Something heavy will be coming his way soon.

On a lighter note, preparations are underway for the company riverboat party next week. I do have to wonder about logic behind putting 90 people on a boat, with alcohol. It's not so much a question of 'if' someone will go over the side, as much as how long until someone goes over. My money is on myself, somewhere around the second shot of tequila.

And finally, just as I think people can't get any more desperate, eBay is offering you the chance to bid for a half eaten sandwich, reputed to be left over by Brittany Spears. The egg salad sandwich was collected by a waiter, who said:

It (the management) does not say anything about how I am supposed to discard their food when they have me pick up their leftovers.

When I got home, I pulled out the camera, took a few before shots, then vacuum sealed them right away. The vacuum sealer preserves items such as this for years and years.

The bidding is up to £47.52, so head on over to eBay where you can be in with a chance of this much sought after trophy, as well as claiming your place in this years hall of shame. See Ananova for the full story.


  • Secondary K-Fed saliva on soggy leftovers...Gross!

    By Blogger Jader, at 9:02 pm  

  • Proof that some people will buy anything!

    And the winning bid: $520!!

    By Blogger Matt, at 11:45 am  

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