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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sweet Taste of the Weekend

It's been one of those weeks.

I'm sure you all know and have suffered the type, they're the ones that by 5.30 on Friday night, you don't just want it to be the weekend, you need it to be the weekend.

The thing that has really sucked my will to live this week was the unrelenting messages from the follow-up mailer. This is the type of person who will send me a mail, and by the time the message arrives in my inbox, will be stood behind me to tell me that he has sent me a mail, and then proceed to describe the entire content of the e-mail. Why? If I'm of the age where I've held an office job for some considerable years, it's a pretty good guess that I can read, and therefore do not need someone stood behind me to dictate the message, just in case I've missed any little detail of their two sentence masterpiece.

On top of this, I now have another hard drive in my home PC that sounds like it's trying to play a badly warped vinyl disc. I have considered opening up the machine again to try and track down which particular disc is having the tantrum, but last time I did this I not only located the faulty disc, but managed to burn out a perfectly good one in the process. Let this be a lesson to anyone not to attempt computer repair after a few beers and with a cat who wants to help.

Still, it's now the weekend. To be honest, it's almost the end of the weekend, it's Sunday night, and I'm working through some bottles of Carlsberg Export, left over as a gift from a BBQ a few months back. Not the greatest beer in the world, but at least it's helping me to forget that tomorrow is Monday and that by tomorrow, and that I'll have another 5 days to count down before I can cast aside the suit.

The weekend is not without it's achievements however, I spent Saturday afternoon helping a friend get the house ready before they move next week. An activity which has re-affirmed my resolution not to move until it is absolutely necessary. I know the attic is full of junk, and the same could be said of the garden shed, but I'm just not ready to deal with that at the moment, and when that time does come, the thought of hiring someone to deal with it for me is starting to look like it will be worth every penny!

The other success of the weekend; I made bread. Ok, I know most, if not all, people will look at this thinking "What? You've never made bread? How useless are you!", but it's just one of those things I've never felt the need to do before. There's about 30 different loaves to choose from on the shelf, why go to the hassle of making it myself? Well, today I finally decided to try that hassle, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did my creation look like bread, but after a cautious testing, also tasted like bread! So finally, another thing to add to the list of "Things I Can Do".

So, with the last bottle of Carlsberg drying up fast, and with my stomach expressing a desire to return to proper beer or wine, I'm heading off to cling to the remaining shreds of the weekend before Monday morning comes crashing down like a tidal wave, to take me through the rip tide of another week.

Have a good week all, and bye for now.


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