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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mind The Gap

Yes, it's another big gap between posts, and this is just to fill the space until I can get a proper post together from the comfort of home.

Why? It's a combination of a very busy July, along with the internet fiasco leaving me cut off from the world at home. Still, within the next 7-10 days I've been assured my new Pipex account will be up, and hopefully better than my previous provider, Bulldog (for whom I could do an entire post about their problems).

The highlight of July for me was a night out in London with the guys from work, which meant a trip to The Langley. It's a great bar that's just a stones throw from Covent Garden station, and although you can easily walk past it (as I did, twice) with it's modest entrance, it's very spacious on the inside with several rooms, each with their own theme.

They've got a great range of drinks, with a beer setting you back around £3.40, and cocktails at around £5.45. Also, as they're part of Late Night London, you can head over to that site and print of a voucher for discounts on cocktails. This one definately gets my recommendation for a night out in London.

So, with internet on the way, and more substantial posts to follow, a good week to all until next time!


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