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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My desire to use it as target practice and wash it down the urinal is in perfect balance with my fear of spiders and the thought that it will pouce on my crotch.

...just in case anyone thought this blog was getting too high brow.


  • a precarious balance between playing with your pee and losing your dick to an infected spider-bite...what's not high-brow about that?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:29 am  

  • Way to write about peeing! Nice work!

    By Blogger 5 of 9er, at 7:55 pm  

  • Oh thank GOD!

    By Blogger Kadonkadonk, at 12:39 am  

  • Wait a sec. You took a picture of this right after to whipped out the goods? Do you always carry your camera with you to the bathroom?

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 6:15 pm  

  • Ok; the goods were no where in sight when the picture was taken, and I happened to have my mobile in my pocket. I'm not in the habit of taking a camera with me when I go to the bathroom!

    On a related point though, I don't know why I carry it with me, as I'm sure not going to be one of those guys who answer their phone in the bathroom, that's just wrong!

    By Blogger Loaf, at 6:30 pm  

  • Thanks for bringing it down a notch!

    By Blogger The [Cherry] Ride, at 7:26 pm  

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