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Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm suffering a block.

I know I've been promising to write up the rest of the Chicago trip for some time now and not coming through with the goods, but for some reason I just go completely blank as soon as I try and write anything. I'm putting it down to the pressure of having to write something good on demand, which is a little like trying to pee in a busy nightclub with a queue of large, rowdy guys behind you. So, I'm going to do a quick filler post and hope this gets the creative flow going, so to speak.

So, good news; we're having our first preview of summer over in the UK at the moment which has been signified by two things; me breaking out the shorts, and 24 hours later, me breaking out the sunburn cream. Yep, we really know how to make the most of the sun.

The fine weather was also celebrated this weekend by a friend firing up the first BBQ of the year, much sooner in the year than we'd normally dare to try. Nothing beats a warm summer evening (I know it's spring, but we were happy believing it was summer) with BBQ offerings that are both charcoal on the outside, raw in the middle, and sitting back with a nice cold beer*.

And finally in celebration of the unseasonably good weather, me and a few friends decided to organise a big walk this Sunday. It started out as a grand plan; drive to Devon and walk for most of the day round the hillsides. By Sunday morning, most people had dropped out with pretty weak excuses, so it became a walk round the hillsides of St Albans. By 12pm (3 hours later than originally planned), it was just the two of us, and the day of walking became a long walk to a pub, where we sat in the garden for the next 2 hours. Proof that we can't plan to save our lives, but we still know how to make the best of a sunny afternoon!

Ok, so over the next few days, I'm going to have another stab at these next two Chicago posts, because I know I'm going to be getting threats if I don't finish them off soon. Otherwise, expect more filler!

* Due to exceptionally bad planning on my part, it was alcohol free beer. This lie was harder to believe than telling myself it was summer.


  • Love Love Love the first grilling of the year. I did mine a few weeks ago... and then a few days later it snowed. Crap!

    By Blogger 5 of 9er, at 5:31 pm  

  • Alcohol free beer?! And that only gets a footnote?! There's inspiration for another post right there!

    By Blogger Kadonkadonk, at 8:32 pm  

  • alcohol free beer? That's just un-American! Even for a Brit.

    By Blogger Jader, at 12:52 am  

  • It must be going around. Come back soon!

    By Blogger The [Cherry] Ride, at 9:47 pm  

  • 9er, sounds like you're weather is more unpredictable than over here!

    Kadonk, I won't dignify alcohol free beer with more than a footnote.

    Jader, you're back?! Good to see you! And yes, I have a lot of making up to do for drinking that stuff.

    Cherry, know what you mean, but as the start of a new month, I'm making a fresh start!

    By Blogger Loaf, at 10:14 pm  

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