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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful...

Since Cherry is in a particularly fragile state at the moment, and posting about all the possible disasters looming over us, I feel the need to balance out the blogs with some of the lighter highlights of the news.

  • Beer drinking duck understands Chinese: A man in China says his duck, Yaya, who enjoys sea food and beer, can understand his instructions. "He understands every instruction I give him, such as to tumble or to fly. But when he's tired he turns his back on me."
  • Man names daughter after car: A farther in Romania who is an avid car enthusiast, has named his daughter SLK, after the famous Mercedes model. "If I had had a boy, I would have named him BMW because this car's hot and runs very fast." Nice to see he's put some thought into this then.
  • Brits keen on nude gym sessions: British nudists are bombarding a Dutch gym owner with calls for more information after he announced plans for a nude fitness course. Just tell me where to sign up.

And if that wasn't enough...

  • It's only 16 days to St Patricks Day!
  • Daylight savings time starts next Sunday (in the US*), which means getting up earlier, but getting to travel home from work in daylight!
  • A not-to-distant season finale for Heroes, which promises to be awesome!

* Providing my sources are correct, which they may not be. I'm sure enough people will shout if I'm wrong.


  • OK, that is a nice counter-balance.
    All is right again with the universe.

    By Blogger The [Cherry] Ride, at 7:34 pm  

  • When are you getting your butt over here?

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 9:41 pm  

  • Another amazing thing to add to your list - you now have me as a new reader, and I fucking rock. Your welcome.

    By Blogger Kadonkadonk, at 1:26 am  

  • Classy; soon! 10 days and counting...

    Kadonkadonk; always happy to have a new reader, and you do indeed 'rock'!

    By Blogger Matt, at 7:14 am  

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