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Friday, November 17, 2006

Children in need

Friday at last, yet again!

Hopefully a more eventful weekend lined up this time, with a journey up to Nottingham and trip to the cinema to see the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, and as a big fan of the Bond films, it's a big night out for me, since I missed seeing the last couple of Bond films at the cinema, and this type of film really does deserve the big screen. Review by Monday!

But, the big event round the UK at the moment is Children in Need, which is an annual fund raising event, which distributes the funds raised to the various charities in the UK, dedicated to helping children who are disabled, abused, homeless etc. And in late response to Katie's post last week asking why people are proud to be American, this is definitely one that makes me proud to be British. For the whole day, there's been fundraising events around the UK, BBC radio has been raising money through music requests throughout the day, and BBC 1 has a whole evening devoted to it, hosted by our most prized national treasure, Terry Wogan. The event raised £33.2 million last year, and it's looking on target to beat that figure this year!

So, as I sit back with a bottle of red and settle in for warm and fuzzy night (which could be due to the wine, or the show, or possibly both), wishing you all a good weekend!


  • Buckinghamshire, huh? Do you call it "The Shire" for short, like in The Hobbit? Matthew, you're going on a long journey from The Shire to Mordor (Chicago) where you will get in many adventures, many of which will be through a thick, alcohol induced fog.

    Congrats on the fun raiser!

    By Blogger NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, at 2:24 am  

  • I'll go along with that, as long as Liv Tyler is somewhere to be seen.

    Sadly, we shorten it to Bucks, but I'll recommend changing it to The Shire. Driving through the fog covered fields this morning, it looked pretty close!

    By Blogger Matt, at 8:26 am  

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