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Friday, October 13, 2006

How are you spending your Friday night?

Aromatic Crispy Duck, Hoi Sin Sauce, Pancakes, Red Wine and the TV remote. It's Friday night and I'm in a good mood!

After an awful week of work, working between 9 and 10 hours most days, Friday has never felt so good. Unfortunately, because of such a mind numbing week, there's really not much for me to write about tonight, so I'm just wondering how everyone else is spending their Friday night? Wild exciting parties? Painting the town?

The only other thing I've been thinking about this week is a trip for next year, since my last jaunt out of the country has got me in the mood for travelling. And, after many years of putting it off, I think the time has finally come to pay a visit to the U.S. Two places are top of the list at the moment; the first is New York, which is the place most people head for, since it has all the big sights to see, but then again, Chicago is looking pretty temping, as so far I'm hearing tales of midget wrestling, titty bucks, and good drinking.

So, since about 68% of the readers of this site are from either Chicago or New York (according to the stats anyway), sell me your cities and help me decide which should be the destination for early next year!

And finally, what Friday blog would be complete without a list, so I bring you:

5 things I've learnt this week

1. Even a small amount of spiced rum will give me a hangover.
2. Kippers for breakfast will repeat on you all day.
3. I'm not photogenic.*
4. Vodka and Water makes a good substitute ice pack (thanks to Mythbusters)
5. The Volvo Estate is Britain's sexiest car.

Have a good weekend all!

*Ok, I've known this for a while, I just refused to believe it until now.


  • While I'll allow a day or two in NYC for it is a brilliant city, you MUST come to Chicago. Maybe you can make it into town for the 80s rollerskating birthday party that I am organizing for my friends early in the year! I hope you like Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam!

    Also, could I sway you by saying that I promise not to use any mammary money until you arrive and that I can introduce you to a slutty heavy metal midget chick?

    By Blogger classyandfancy, at 12:04 am  

  • 80's music and rollerskating? How can I refuse!

    Well, I've never rollerskated, but always up for new ways to injure myself, and these slutty heavey metal migets you speak of sound intriguing.

    At the moment the plan had only got as far as; go to America, some time around January or Feburary, so it's still pretty flexible. Could be a good excuse to gather together a few fellow bloggers though. Drop me a mail and we'll see if we can come up with a date that's good for everyone (address on the profile).

    By Blogger Matt, at 8:16 pm  

  • Friday nights for me are very lame with my boy being out of the country for a few more weeks. I usually watch a Netflix.

    Definitely stop through Chicago on your visit. We'll have a kegger and jello shots. And tittie bucks. But I must advise against either NYC or Chicago in January or February. Can you do March?

    By Blogger Cherry Ride, at 6:22 am  

  • Friday night turned out good; ended up watching Cruel Intentions again, I can never get bored of that film!

    I had thought of January or February initially because it's cheap, but looks like March is the same price as well, although the prices start going up in April. Still quite open about the dates at the moment, so I'll follow the advice of the locals!

    By Blogger Matt, at 9:12 pm  

  • I think NYC smells like pee. Go to Chicago.

    By Blogger Julie_Gong, at 4:00 pm  

  • No California?

    By Blogger neilochka, at 2:10 am  

  • Thanks Julie, sound advice! Looks like Chicago is going to be the destination of choice.

    California is definatly on the list to visit one day, but was just a little over the budget for this trip.

    I do want to see California one day though, as I need to see if there's really bikini women on rollerblades like TV has made me believe!

    By Blogger Matt, at 8:29 am  

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