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Monday, July 03, 2006

Lovely Things

The heatwave is truly upon us now, leaving me wilting in 30 degrees of unrelenting sun with just enough energy to pull up the keyboard and type. Looks like it's going to be a hot night as well, which means just throwing the thinnest sleeping bag I can find in the back garden and trying to escape the heat for a decent nights sleep.

Still, can't complain, the fantastic weather made for a great BBQ over the weekend with plenty of burgers and wine. A winning combination.

So, for my post today, it's a bit of shameless promotion for a friends blog, Lovely Things.

The site is dedicated to, as the title suggests, all kinds of lovely things for the home and garden, and not just your everyday functional items, but some of the most stylish, wild or unusual products you'd want in your home.

Even if some of the items may not be to your taste (pink kitchen appliances anyone?), it's worth checking back each day just to see what weird and wonderful things they've tracked down.

Have a good week end enjoy the weather!


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